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My Journey


First of all I'd like to say welcome and thank you for visiting my site! 

My name is Larina and its an absolute blessing to have a platform that allows me to help others with their own Fertility Journey. I hope I can give you some guidance, positive reinforcement and the tools to help you through what can be such a difficult time.

Tarot & Astrology


Working with tarot and astrology helps me understand the complexities of the divine.

I am a free-thinking tarot and Astro reader, compassionate in my approach.


I felt the yearn for a child deep in my heart and helped me manifest my baby boy even when doctors said “”mm I don’t know".

How it all started


My spiritual journey started in my younger years, I have always been clairsentient with empathic abilities but never stepped into the realm until I felt my Saturn return.


I went through a very intense life changing infertility journey, I had 6 miscarriages and also lost my daughter at 22 weeks.   

This truly brought my energy ability to the forefront and I've become very passionate and feel very deeply about infertility. This gave me a chance for change and a spiritual awaking for an even better vibration. 

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My Journey

About My Readings

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How I work

As for how I work, every soul works individually. During your reading I will use the tarot as a tool rather than a definitive source in itself.

It is my intuition that allows me to translate what I see unfolding for you. The cards are used as visual flash cards primarily to make the reading more accessible to you. You can see what cards are appearing and can have your own way of responding to them.

Tarot cards have an ancient history. They have their own way of working that can be very beautiful.

I often use metaphors from astrology, cardology and tarot as a way to help you reflect on life experiences. I use traditional tarot as well as playing cards, and of course the stars I apply to you and your own life. We can also use the cards, astrology and your life path to look at pros and cons of certain situations.


I am flexible in my approach and can work with vast and existential questions as well as those regarding everyday life.

If you do have specific queries, I prefer to work with them from an angle that is expansive and empowering.

For example, instead of “Will I fall pregnant ?" we can frame the question as: “What can I do to help myself fall pregnant ?"  and instead of “Will my work situation change?”, how about: “What can I do to change my daily activities to fall pregnant ?”.



About My Readings

Please Consider

If I mention a future possible event during a reading, I say it because there appears to be a strong likelihood of it unfolding. Although many clients have given me affirmative feedback that things mentioned in the reading did indeed eventually come to pass, please note, there is no possible way for me to 100% guarantee that this will be the outcome for your reading and your circumstances.


If there is a God, I am not them!! Of course your own free will, actions of others and the everyday changes of life can and will affect outcomes. What I hope for though when people come for a reading with me, is that there is less emphasis on inactively waiting to see whether things will ‘come true’, but rather, inspiration for ways you can lead your life that will result in positive outcomes for you, as well as encouragement on to how to deal with more challenging situations.

Getting a tarot reading is not a passive experience – the more willing you are to be introspective and engaged, the more you will get out of your reading. I’ve been reading and doing witching things for a long time. I could call it my shadow, me or the real me. Now, I’m ready to be spiritually voodoo witchie me!

I do not expect you to subscribe to any particular belief system in order for the reading to make sense. I am open in my approach and I refer to energy simply as energy without creating a particular name or image for it. To this end, I do not refer to spirit guides, gods/goddesses, animal totems, angels, deceased people, past lives etc. This is not to deny others’ relationships with those particular references – more just a way of keeping the reading universal, and as grounded in reality as possible.

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